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Aguila 22 Long Rifle Ammunition 500 Rds


Aguila 22 Long Rifle Ammunition 500 Rds For Sale

Aguila 22 Long Rifle Ammunition 500 Rds is an excellent choice for plinking and small game hunting. With the 500 rounds in each box, you’ll have plenty of ammo day the range or a weekend in the woods.

Are Aguila 22 bullets any good?

Aguila 22 Generating 1,470 feet per second out of the barrel, the 40 Grain Flat Nose Copper Plated round is an excellent hunting round where deeper penetration is desired. But it is the fastest 40 grit. 22 long-round rifle on the market and has perfect accuracy and consistency.

Is Aguila 22 ammo 500 rounds reliable?

Aguila Ammo Information

Aguila’s established reputation is known as reliable ammunition due to TECNOS’ strict quality control system and highly advanced technological equipment. Aguila 22 ammo 500 rounds currently specialize in rimfire, buckshot and centerfire ammunition. Aguila 22lr 500 ammunition has a brass casing and is non-corrosive.

Who makes Aguila 22 super extra 500 rounds price?

Industrias Tecnos, S.A. de C.V.

Aguila Ammunition: Aguila super extra, founded in 1961, is manufactured in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, by Industrias Tecnos, S.A. of C.V. As one of the largest gun manufacturers in the world, Aguila uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture quality rimfire ammunition, centerfire, and cartridges.

How loud is a 22lr 40 grain high velocity to a 9mm?

The 22lr 40 grain high velocity bullet is quieter than a 9mm, the most common handgun round. While a . 22 emits 120 decibels of sound, a 9mm produces up to 160 a . 22 has smaller rounds than a 9mm.

What is the best 500 rounds of 22 for self-defense?

While the 500 rounds of 22 might not be the best ballistic choice for self-defense, modern ammunition such as Federal Punch and Winchester Silvertip make it a more viable option for those for whom the . 22 rimfire is the best option.

Brand Aguila
Caliber 22 LR
Model Super Extra
Bullet Weight 40 Grain
Bullet Type Copper Plated
Reloadable No
Case Type Brass

500 Rounds, 1000 Rounds


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