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Cascade Ammo 22 Long Rifle Ammunition 500 Rds


Buy Cascade Ammo 22 Long Rifle Ammunition 500 Rds Online

Cascade Ammo 22 Long Rifle Ammunition is an excellent choice for shooters looking for quality, reliable ammunition for their rifles. This 500-round box contains high-quality ammunition with a velocity of 1255 fps and muzzle energy of 140 ft-lbs. The bullet is made of a lead core with a copper jacket for maximum accuracy and performance.

The 22lr copper-plated round nose is also top-notch and provides the best protection for your firearm. The Cascade Ammo 22 Long Rifle Ammunition 500 Rds is non-corrosive and is perfect for those looking to get the most out of their rifle. With a clean burning powder and a consistent velocity, this ammunition will provide you with the accuracy and reliability you need for a successful day at the range.

Where is the Cascade Cartridge Made?

Company Description: Cascade Cartucho Internacional, S.A. of C.V. is located in San Luis Potosí, SAN LUIS POTOSI, Mexico, and is part of the Other Metal Products Manufacturing Industry. Cascade Cartridge International, S.A. of C.V., has 100 employees across all locations and generates $1.82 million in sales (USD).

Why Copper Plated 22 L.R. Ammo?

Since many guns chambered in 22 L.R. are ammo sensitive, I often test a new weapon with various ammunition to see which works and shoots the best. The advantage of copper plating is that semi-autos reduce in-action fouling due to the buildup of waxy or greasy bullet lubricants.

What is the Best 22 L.R. Ammo for Hunting?

I have noticed that most shooting rounds in 22lr 40 grain high velocity use pure lead bullets, and many of the best hunting 22 L.R. rounds use copper-coated bullets. Given a choice, I prefer Federal lightning 36g H.P. rounds or Winchester PowerPoint 40g H.P. ammo.

What is the Most Potent 22 L.R. Round?

The 22 L.R. ammunition that strikes the best balance between bullet weight and muzzle velocity to achieve the most power is CCI’s 22 LR Stinger ammunition. This round has a cascade super high speed 22lr 34gr at a muzzle velocity of 1640 fps. The hyper-velocity Stinger cartridge boasts a whopping 191 pound-feet of muzzle energy.

What is the Highest Velocity 22 L.R. Round?

You can get the highest muzzle velocity from a 22 L.R. at 1850 fps. This is CCI’s COPPER-22 round, but its bullet weighs only 22lr high velocity, almost half the average weight for its caliber. That lightning-fast muzzle velocity alone gives a shot of this light muzzle energy of 160 ft-lbs!

What Happened to the Cascade 22 L.R. Ammo?

While the two operations have gone their separate ways, Cascade has kept busy producing cascade ammo 22lr 40gr high velocity copper plated round nose since 1959. Cascade puts its green camouflage label on its high-velocity ammunition. Without reducing the weight of this CPRN bullet below the standard 40 grains, Cascade still loads it to a supersonic muzzle velocity of 1250 fps.

Brand Cascade Ammo
Caliber 22 Long Rifle
Model Birdshot
Bullet Weight 7/8 oz
Bullet Type No. 9, No. 10 Birdshot
Reloadable No
Case Type Brass
Rounds Per Box 50 Rounds Per Box
Boxes Per Case 100 Boxes Per Case
Muzzle Energy ft-lbs

500 Rounds, 1000 Rounds


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