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Hornady H83177 17 Mach 2 HM2


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The Hornady H83177 17 Mach 2 HM2 is a rimfire ammunition explicitly designed for the .17 Mach 2 rimfire cartridge. The shot is manufactured by Hornady, one of the leading ammunition manufacturers in the United States. The .17 Mach 2 is a rimfire cartridge developed by Winchester in 2004. It is based on a 5mm rimfire case necked down to accept a .17 caliber projectile.

Is 17 Mach 2 a good round?

17 HM2 had plenty of killing power, was more than flat enough, and bucked better. 22 L.R., and, more importantly, he didn’t make a mess if he intended to eat his target. The Mach 2 was sleek, surgical, and deadly, with less recoil, less noise, and far less damage to flesh.

The Hornady 17 Mach 2 ammunition, or .17 HM2, is a rimfire cartridge introduced in 2004 by ammunition manufacturer Hornady following the successful 2002 release of the .17 HMR.

Is the Hornady Mach 2 a true 22?

The new cartridge is not a .22 at all, but another .17-cal. Hornady’s rimfire is the .17 Hornady Mach 2, or .17 HM2. It is based on the .22 L.R. hypervelocity case necked down to accept the same .17 caliber, 17 gr. The Hornady V-Max bullet was made famous by its first cousin, the previously released .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire.

Is 17 HM2 the same as 17 HMR?

17HMR and 17HM2 are not the same calibers. The 17HMR is a magnum caliber, and the 17HM2 is a necked-down 22LR. It would help if you never used a 17HMR round in a 17HM2 firearm or vice versa. It would help if you only shot the caliber stamped on your gun’s barrel.

How far will a Hornady 17 Mach 2 Bullets go?

The . 17 HM2 hits a 100-yard target with around 90 pound-feet of punch, which is about the same as for high-velocity and hyper-velocity loads from the. 22 L.R. However, it falls short of the 110 ft-lbs delivered at that distance by the CCI Velocitor and its 40-grain bullet at 1435 fps.

What is the MV of the 17 Mach 2?

The lighter bullet and modern powders allow the .17 M2 to achieve an MV of 2100 fps (Hornady figure: CCI claims 2010 fps) at the same SAAMI-specified MAP as the High Velocity .22 L.R. Among the top U.S. ammunition manufacturers as of 2008, CCI, Hornady, and Remington offer the .17 Mach 2 cartridge.

Is Hornady’s 17 Mach 2 the new 22 L.R.?

However, a new challenger to the .22 L.R. has emerged in the form of Hornady’s .17 Mach 2. The .17 Mach 2 has the exact dimensions as the .22 but is loaded with 17 hm2 ballistics and a .172″ diameter. Bullet at a much higher velocity. This is the same bullet used in the surprisingly popular .17 HMR cartridge. (Hornady Magnum Rimfire).

Type: Ammo
Caliber: 17 Mach 2 Rimfire
Bullet Type: Poly-Tip V-Max
Bullet Weight:17 GR
Muzzle Energy:166 ft-lbs
Muzzle Velocity:2100 fps

500 Rounds, 1000 Rounds

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