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Remington Barrel Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge 3″ 30″ Rem Choke with Modified Choke Tube Only Vent Rib Matte


Buy Remington Barrel Remington 870 For Sale

The Remington Barrel Remington 870 features a matte-blued finish. It is easy to install and includes a cylinder bore choke tube that can fit 3″ chambers/shells. But the barrel is of the same high quality as any other Mossberg barrel I’ve seen.

Is the 870 barrel rifled?

Item #87030: 24″ Remington 870 fully rifled barrel featuring a canted front sight with a fully adjustable William rifle rear sight. The barrel has a non-glare satin black finish.

Does the 870 police barrel come with two?

The versatility of the 24″ 870 barrel comes from an interchangeable 2-barrel system: 1 vent-ribbed barrel with a bead sight that uses standard Rem™ Choke screw-in choke tubes (comes with 1 modified tube); and a 20” fully rifled barrel with rifle sights.

What fits an 870 18.5 police barrel?

Extra 870 18.5 police barrel with 3″ chambers fit Super Magnum, Magnum and 2.75″ receivers. These barrels will handle 2.75″ and 3″ shells when used in Magnum receivers. Use only 2.75″ cartridges when these barrels are used in 2.75″ receivers.

Why was the 870 18 police barrel so good?

The 870’s Background

Double action bars help prevent binding, increase reliability and result in a smooth action. Remington designed the 870 to compete with the Winchester Model 12, considered the queen of shotguns in the 1950s. But the 24 870 barrel proved more modern, reliable, and affordable.


  • Additional 870 model barrels with 2-3/4″ chambers will fit Super Magnum, Magnum, and 2-3/4″ receivers. Use only 2-3/4″ cartridges in these barrels.
  • They can only use model 870 add-on barrels with 3″ chambers used in Super Magnum and Magnum receivers with 2 3/4″ and 3″ shotshells. Use only 2 3/4″ shotshells when these barrels are used in non-Magnum receivers.
  • 20 gauge 870 light barrels will not fit standard 20 gauge 870 shotguns with serial numbers ending in “X” or “N.”
  • Cantilever Rem Choke Stag Barrels are supplied with an improved barrel and extended fluted choke tubes.
  • Rifle Scoped Rem Choke Stag Barrels are supplied with upgraded, fluted cylinder choke tubes.
  • The fully rifled 20 gauge Express Stag barrel is chambered 2 3/4″. Additional Model 870 barrels with 2 3/4″ chambers fit both Magnum and 2 3/4″ receivers. Use only 2 3/4″ shotshells in these barrels.
  • 1100 Steel Shot Barrels include a complete choke and are designed for use with 2-3/4″ or 3″ Magnum steel or lead magazines when used in 2-3/4″ or 3″ Magnum and steel receivers or 2-3/ 4″ rounds of lead shot when used in non-magnum receivers.
  • 1100 Standard Contour Skeet Barrel supplied with Skeet and Upgraded Skeet Chokes only.
  • 870 Express barrel supplied with Modified tube only.
  • LT-20 Light 20 Gauge 2-3/4″ Barrels will not fit Model 1100 Light 20 Gauge Pre-1977 or Standard 20 Gauge Shotguns.


Product Information

Cartridge 12 Gauge
Finish Matte
Material Steel
Length 30 Inches
Rifled No
Sights Vent Rib Bead
Interchangeable Choke Yes
Chamber 3 Inches
Compatible With
Remington 870

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 3.625 Pounds


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