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Stoeger Barrel Stoeger P350 12 Gauge 3″ Smoothbore 20″ with Cantilever Scope Mount


Stoeger Barrel Stoeger P350 For Sale

The Stoeger Barrel Stoeger P350 Pump Action Shotgun includes all the great features offered by its stablemate, the P3000; a chrome-lined barrel, double-action bars, and rotating bolt head, to name a few, and is chambered to deftly handle magnum loads up to 3½”.

This replacement part is a Stoeger m3000 18 5 barrel for sale factory original. Factory replacement parts are manufactured to exact specifications and tolerances and use the same construction materials as the original parts, ensuring excellent fit and reliable operation.

What is a Stoeger side by side replacement barrel?

The Stoeger side by side replacement barrel model P350 shotgun is a strengthened and slightly stretched-out version of the Stoeger SP 312 gun, adapted to fire 3.5 inch / 89 mm Super Magnum shells and fitted with new, improved furniture. The basic design of the weapon is the same, using pump action with dual action bars and rotary bolt locking.

Where is the Stoeger side by side replacement barrel made?


Manufactured in Turkey and imported by Stoeger Industries, the P350 is a slide-action (pump) and will fire both 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells.

Can you get a slug barrel for a Stoeger m3500 rifled cantilever 24 barrel?

This 12 gauge rifled slug barrel with cantilever features a matte-blued finish and is designed to fit the Stoeger m3500 rifled cantilever 24 barrel. The barrel measures 24″ long. Add versatility to your firearm with an extra barrel.

Is Stoeger m3000 rifled slug good?

The Stoeger m3000 rifled slug is an adaptable and reasonably priced pump-action shotgun. With a $201.89 price tag, this rifle performs like a top-of-the-line weapon. It has a beautiful hand feel, and the pump motion is smooth.

How good are Stoeger barrels interchangeable?

On paper, the Stoeger M3000 looks like the perfect affordable semi-auto duck hunting shotgun. It is based on a proven platform driven by inertia. It handles and aims beautifully. And it can be yours for less than $600, which is less than half the price of higher-end semi-automatic duck guns.


Product Information

Cartridge 12 Gauge
Finish Realtree APG
Material Steel
Length 20 Inches
Rifled No
Sights None
Interchangeable Choke No
Chamber 3 Inches
Compatible With
Stoeger P350

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 4.335 Pounds


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