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Winchester Barrel Winchester SX4 Invector Plus Vent Rib


Winchester Barrel Winchester SX4 For Sale

This Factory Winchester Barrel Winchester SX4 features an Invector Plus choke system and a Truglo fiber optic front sight. Some people think extra Carlson slug barrels are only for when you damage a barrel through negligence or accident. The best reason, though, is that you can extend the usefulness of your gun. You can buy turkey Cantilever slug barrels for spring hunting and go back to hunting waterfowl in the fall. 

A rifled Cantilever Buck barrel can transform your field and target pistol into the perfect whitetail deer slug gun. All for a much lower cost than a complete weapon, Same factory quality and precision as the original Cantilever slug barrels.

Are the Winchester sx4 barrels any good?

It’s soft-shooting. It’s versatile enough to shoot at waterfowl, turkeys, birds and targets. It handles a wide variety of loads and glock 21 for sale shoots good patterns.

Where can I buy a Winchester sx4 replacement barrel?

The Winchester sx4 replacement barrel is to the gun parts section of We carry a complete line of current and post-production Winchester firearm parts. Parts are available to the public for self-installation but can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths.

What does the Benelli supernova barrel come with?

The Super X®4 comes with complete, modified and improved in-barrel recessed choke tubes, so your gun is ready for anything right out of the box. Additional chokes are available at your local Winchester Repeating Arms dealer.

When was the cantilever slug barrel made?

The “SX Model 1” was a fine gun made of machined steel parts, but it was expensive. But discontinued, most models in 1991, but evolutionary versions of the series appeared in 1999 (the SX2), 2006 (SX3, which is still available in several versions), and 2017 (SX4).

Is slug barrels worth buying?

Slug barrels are one of the best performance, safety and power cars. The engine is a very reliable source. Mileage is better on CNG, and mileage is better on CNG. Otherwise, it’s 8 km on gas in the city and 15 on the highway.


Product Information

Cartridge 12 Gauge
Color Realtree Max-5
Material Steel
Length 28 Inches
Shell Length 3-1/2″
Rifled No
Sights Fiber Optic Bead
Interchangeable Choke Yes
Compatible With
Winchester SX4

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 2.765 Pounds


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