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Winchester Barrel Winchester SXP Invector Plus Vent Rib


Winchester Barrel Winchester SXP For Sale

These Factory Winchester Barrel Winchester SXP feature an Invector Plus choke system. Some people think extra barrels are just for when you damage a barrel through neglect or mishap. However, the best reason is that you can extend the usefulness of your shotgun. You can buy a turkey barrel for spring hunts and switch back for waterfowling in the fall. 

A Winchester SXP 20 gauge slug gun can transform your field and target gun into the perfect whitetail deer slug gun. All for a cost much less than an entire gun, same factory quality and precision as the original barrels.

What does a rifled barrel for Winchester SXP 12 gauge mean?

One do-all, affordable slide-action likely needs to get the attention it deserves. That’s a rifled barrel for Winchester SXP 12 gauge. The Winchester SXP 22 rifled barrel is the offspring of one of the most iconic guns of any genre, Winchester’s Model 12.

Is the Winchester SXP slug gun any good?

The Winchester SXP slug gun is a solid, entry-level 12 gauge shotgun with plenty of after-market accessories to take it to the next level. Given its reliability and affordability, I recommend at least checking it out if you are in the market for a new shotgun.

Who makes the Winchester SXP 24 inch?

Today’s Winchester SXP 24 inch are designed, and our R&D team in Morgan, Utah, oversees production. They are then manufactured in our associate factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is a key manufacturing and trade center for Europe. But we may source some SXP parts from our other Winchester group factories in Western Europe.

Can I shoot slugs in Winchester SXP barrel removal?

The Winchester SXP barrel removal can safely handle both lead and steel shots. Special rifled choke tubes are designed for shooting sabot-type slugs. With the magazine three-shot adapter (plug) removed, your shotgun holds four 2¾” or 3″ shells in the magazine.


Product Information

Material Steel
Compatible With Winchester SXP
Rifled No
Interchangeable Choke Yes
Compatible With
Winchester SXP

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 2.765 Pounds – 3.220 Pounds


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